30 Oct 2020 in The Worth of Immortality

A Legend is Born

It is my pleasure to announce the creation of The Worth of Immortality, a literary series I have been developing for a year.

The Worth of Immortality follows the steps of a man who, no longer a slave to the vicious hands of time, lives on through mankind’s History. I’ll tell you about his hardships in the distant past, but also of the challenges he’ll face in the distant future.

I intend to make the stories available as soon as possible. An online platform is being build for such purpose. Work is going slow because I am in a tight budget, but so far there are more than 10 stories already finished.

Get ready to read the saga of the man who conquered Death.

Thank You For Reading
Richard Falken

Richard Falken is a Spanish Engineer who, in his foolishness, dares stepping through the boundaries of our dimension in order to find which stories lay beyond our boring reality.


From: paulie420
2020-11-02 01:55

Very cool, sir Falken... I intend to follow your story, along with The Worth of Immortality. I suppose I understand how their can be a distant past and a distant future, now. :P Cheers.

From: Richard Falken
2020-11-03 00:39

Thanks for dropping by.
I am toying with cover illustrations for the stories for the moment. There is a lot of cool material to come. See you in the othernets!

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