23 Nov 2020 in The Worth of Immortality

Ocho Minutos Gets Published

Ocho Minutos, a short story commissioned by the magazine Metal Obscura, has been published today.

This tale was born under strange circumstances. Josco Carrillo was looking for an apocalyptic tale of very specific characteristics for his publication. Metal Obscura carries a line of flash fiction with a dark subject matter: the death of our Sun and its aftermath.

Back when Josco told me about it, I was pouring all my energy on The Worth of Immortality. I didn’t feel quite like writing anything which didn’t belong to it, and Metal Obscura’s subject matter didn’t lend itself easily to fit my series. Still, I did want to take the commission. Eventually, I realized I was up for a challenge. I decided to use The Worth of Immortality’s setting and try to write something tailored to Metal Obscura, which seemed no easy task.

I had already written about the Xhrkelah Wars in the series, and I thought it would be cool to use a science-fiction approach for the story - which is groundbreaking as far as Metal Obscura is concerned, since their flash fiction consists in more classical horror. The plot started to fall in place the more thought I gave to it. I managed to fit the core concepts that make The Worth of Immortality what it is in less than 800 words. My first instinct was to publish it as a non-canon story… but the more I read the tale I had just written, the more I realized The Worth of Immortality could actually incorporate this short story.

You can read Ocho Minutos at the corresponding post at Metal Obscura. The story is available in Spanish only at the moment. I intend to make it available in English too, either via my Store or a third party magazine.

What Josco Carrillo has to say about the story

Both original and brilliant. To twist an idea and showcase a whole Universe in a thousand words is within the reach of few authors. It fills us with pride that Falken has passed by, stopped and participated in our ineffable call for tales.

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Richard Falken is a Spanish Engineer who, in his foolishness, dares stepping through the boundaries of our dimension in order to find which stories lay beyond our boring reality.

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