07 Nov 2020 in The Worth of Immortality

Publishing plans for 2020

I am announcing my business plan regarding my new series, The Worth of Immortality.

If you have been following me on IRC, Dove-Net or FSXNet, you will be aware that I have been trying to convince some reputable magazines of carrying this series. So far, my efforts have been largely unsuccessful.

The reasons are many. The main issue, though, is that magazines are not all that interested in publishing long series. On top of that, those who do don’t want cross-genre series. A Fantasy magazine may be willing to take the Fantasy stories, but not the Science-Fiction ones.

Therefore, I am building my own platform. Hopefully, I will have an online bookstore of my own by the end of the year.

So what’s the plan?

I don’t want to overlook professional magazines. Getting published in a respectable one is great for both economical reasons and because of the reputation boost they grant. That said, since they won’t take The Worth of Immortality as a whole, my plan is to attempt to strike deals for each story as a standalone.

Stories that get published in a professional magazine will be eventually available in my own digital store about 6 months after publication. Tales that don’t get taken by a publisher will be uploaded to the store right away after it becomes apparent there is no place for them in a magazine. The idea is that, sooner or later, all of the tales will end up located in my store, in order to allow the fans to find them all in a single place.

Impending publications

High Tech Necromancy

My first book, The Flaming Wrath of Árelor, will be available in the bookstore immediately after it is brought online.

After that, I am very likely to publish High Tech Necromancy, a short story which describes a clash between the Necromancer and a civilization that employs android assassins, due to the fact robots don’t have souls that may be enslaved by the Necromancer’s dark power. I am still in negotiations to get this story published in some magazines, though. Stay tuned!

What about a subscription service?

If you are already a fan, you’ll know I have been considering to serve The Worth of Immortality via a subscription service. My original idea was to let the readers subscribe to a paid mailing list. They’d get a story each month straight into their inbox.

The idea is great, but it has two big drawbacks at the moment.

First of all, forcing myself to produce a story each month puts me on a deadline. Literature and deadlines don’t mix well. If I am running low of ideas a given month, I want to be able to take a break rather than put some botched story together and serve it just for the sake of serving it. My friends at Linux News Media can confirm I am good at meeting editorial deadlines - it is just I don’t want more of them.

On the other hand, third party subscription services take a cut for each payment. That is a bit of a problem when you intend to bill low amounts for each subscription. When you are charging 0.99 USD per month and the payment processor is taking 0.42 from it, you are facing a bit of a problem. I aim at creating cheap, accessible entertainment, so I don’t feel like rising prices just to prevent the payment processors from drowning me.

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Richard Falken

Richard Falken is a Spanish Engineer who, in his foolishness, dares stepping through the boundaries of our dimension in order to find which stories lay beyond our boring reality.

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