14 Nov 2020

The Store is Online

My Digital Bookstore is finally online!

Deploying my own distribution platform will allow me to deal directly with the readers. The birth of Richard Falken’s Bookstore is an important milestone because it will allow my fans to locate all my work in a single place. There are no words to describe how excited I am.

Literature for the grab

High Tech Necromancy

I am working around the clock to upload the stories and novels I have already written.

Both The Flaming Wrath of Árelor (Árelor’s Universe) and High Tech Necromancy (The Worth of Immortality) are available as pre-orders. These tales are already finished, but they need proper formatting in order to make for a professional product.

My plan is to make them available as epub downloads, but I don’t discard other formats if there is demand for them.

My portfolio has two novels and more than a dozen short stories. I expect to place them all in the store eventually.


Richard Falken’s Bookstore has some nice features:

  • Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin are accepted.
  • You can purchase gift cards, which you can give away to your friends and family. Gift cards can later be redeemed in the store.
  • Your digital purchases are kept online, so if you download an ebook and later lose it, you can download it again.

Learn About New Releases

I don’t have an email newsletter. I hate email advertising and I think it is more trouble than it is worth, for both the fans and for me.

The recommended way to keep on top of the wave is to subscribe to my RSS Feed. As an alternative, you can follow me on DoveNet. I post regularly on the Entertainment subgroup.

Since the store is just getting started, feedback is extremely appreciated.

Happy reading!

Thank You For Reading
Richard Falken

Richard Falken is a Spanish Engineer who, in his foolishness, dares stepping through the boundaries of our dimension in order to find which stories lay beyond our boring reality.

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