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About Richard Falken

Richard and Sophie, his mareWho is Richard Falken?

I am a Spanish Mechanical Engineer. I know my way around Unix-like operating systems, guns and horses. I have been writing fiction since I was 18, and been published in magazines and digital journals under different pen-names.

Declaration of Political Principles

I pledge not to let politics taint my writing.

Many publishers are using literature as the means to enforce their political agenda. More often than not, this causes the quality of the plot to take a back seat as the story tries to indoctrinate you.

Politics has a place, but it is not in a fantasy story about zombies who fend off alien invaders. Both writers and readers must make a stand against any content that attempts to poison their audience with propaganda.

My tales are not politically loaded. Some concepts with political implications are touched, such as the replacement of human workers by robots in factories, but when this happens, it is because these concepts make for great stories, not because I am shoehorning a political message into my writing.