What Would You Sacrifice... for Revenge?

Árelor's Universe

What is Árelor’s Universe?

Árelor’s Universe is a series of Fantasy books. I’d go as far as to label it as High Fantasy, but it is not typical High Fantasy. At its core, Árelor’s Universe tells the stories of ordinary soldiers who are set to investigate larger than life mysteries, in order to prevent some supernatural threat from laying waste to their Empire.

Betrayal. Magic. Despotic theocracies that rule with a fist of iron. Warriors who will die rather than yield in dishonor. Secret societies which will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

It is a brutal world out there, but no matter how hard the forces of darkness fight, there is a universal truth that can’t be denied.

The Lord of Revenge will ensure that justice prevails, no matter what must be sacrificed to do so.

The Books

There are currently two books set in Árelor’s Universe. The first one, The Flaming Wrath of Árelor, was first published in Spanish under the title La Espada Vengadora and later translated to English. The second book, El Libro Negro, exists in Spanish only at this time.

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