The Saga of the Man who Conquered Death

The Worth of Immortality

What is the Worth of Immortality?

The Worth of Immortality is a series of short stories. Each of them is a standalone tale, but when they are put together, they draw a deep metaplot, which becomes clearer the more stories you read.

The series follow the steps of a man who finds himself above the cold embraze of death. His journey will take you from the bronze age to the far future, as he survives the passage of time. The Necromancer will see empires rise and fall, religions come and go, and mankind evolve into something entirely different. Yet, for all his power, the question remains: will the Necromancer ever accomplish his goal and find peace?

Ultimately, The Worth of Immortality is a cross-genre series. Some of the tales have a Sword and Sorcery bent. Others mix Science-Fiction with Fantasy in an effort to portray the relationship between advanced technology and dark magic. There are occasional drops of Noir and Horror thrown into the recipe too.

Where can I read The Worth of Immortality?

The stories are not available for the public yet.

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